You don’t pay for our services

Patients do not pay for consultation, treatment plans and medical travel arrangements. Why not get in touch and get a no obligation treatment plan?

Transparent Quote

Our quotes include all the medical charges related with your surgery and your inner transfer expenses. There is no hidden charge

Guarantee Certificate

You are provided with a legal document obtained from our partner hospitals in case any malpractice occurs during your treatment procedure.

Hand Picked Surgeons

Exclusive team of the country’s leading surgical and aesthetic talent to guarantee that you will always see one of the country’s leading specialists at brand new hospitals

24 / 7 Accessibility

Professional team that you can reach at any time of the day. You can get free consultation before and after treatment from our BNC Patient Consultants.

All Patients Deserve the Best.

Unique, One-on-One Experience

As a BNC Healthcare patient, you will have your own personal Patient Care Consultant to ensure you are informed and supported every step of the way. Your Patient Care Consultant will always be ready to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible, answer your questions, ensure that you have the right information at the right time, and organize all your appointments. They´ll even be there when you just need to talk.

Our Team

You Are So Special To Us…

Thank you for choosing us for a new start. We are always with you from the first moment you think about going out at your new beginning to the last moment. The comfort of your journey is important to us, but the most important part is, of course, your health, we work with the best doctors and hospitals in terms of technology and experience. We strive for the perfection of your entire treatment. But of course, we are always trying to perfect the details of your trip, such as accommodation and transfer. Because you are so special to us…

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Our Services

Local and intercity transfers

Private VIP vehicles and drivers are provided for transfers between the airport, hotel and hospital

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Accommodation arrangements

4-5 star hotel or private apartment accommodation arrangement and planning service

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Arrangement and planning service for travel by either plane or private vehicle is provided per request

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