Bed Capacity 220
Doctors 120



Özel Sağlık Hospital in the center of Izmir is the hospital with the best technological equipment in the region, it is a modern and beautiful facility that offers the best in treatments and care. Patients comment on the care staff, the luxurious rooms, and the warm welcome they receive at the clinic. The quality of care patients receive is unrivaled.

For over 50 years, the institution has started to serve again as a Özel Sağlık Hospital in İzmir and has become the best hospital in the region in terms of technological equipment and specialist doctors. A staff of more than 100 specialist doctors offer fully equipped specialist treatment in all medical treatments.

With a comprehensive and expert staff, Özel Sağlık Hospital has gained a reputation as the first private hospital of the region in the community for over fifty years.

Izmir Özel Sağlık Hospital Location No matter which location you choose, the highly trained staff is always there to meet your every need, be it consultations, appointments or surgery dates. Your care and comfort come first. That's why every location features the latest equipment and beautifully designed interiors. Private Health Hospital is in Alsancak, in the center of Izmir.

Ozel Sağlık Hospital aims to maintain excellent care quality by investing in the latest medical equipment and technology, especially Robotic Surgery. Also, after completing a state-of-the-art redevelopment project with new investments in 2021, it is not surprising that it is often ranked by patients as one of the best private hospitals in the capital. In fact, a recent quality assessment shows that an incredible 99% of patient respondents rated the overall quality of care at the Özel Sağlık Hospital as excellent, very good, or good.





Izmir, which is considered the tourist paradise of Turkey. Transportation to our hospital in Izmir, Turkey's third largest city by population, is quite convenient from all locations. Here are just some of the tourist places that we recommend when you visit İzmir.

  • İzmir Ephesus Ancient City, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • The beautiful coastal town of Foça, the natural habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal.

  • Alaçatı, famous for its beaches suitable for windsurfing.

Exploring Izmir, which fully meets the concept of health tourism, and where the warm and friendly atmosphere of Aegean culture settles in all its texture, as well as regaining your health, will also offer you a pleasant experience. Exploring the Izmir Fair, which has been in existence since 1923, and meeting the famous Izmir cuisine with its local olive oil dishes and appetizers will add a different flavor to your health journey.

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