Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is performed with the same methods as those applied in the USA and England. The main result of this effective surgery is the reduction of the patient's stomach. In sleeve gastrectomy surgery, approximately 75-80% of the stomachs of the patients are removed. The procedure is done during general anesthesia. For this reason, the food intake after the surgery will be less than before and the patient will start to lose weight in a controlled way. Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is performed with both endoscopic and laparoscopic methods, but the laparoscopic method is more common in sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey. Thanks to the laparoscopic method the operation will be terminated so that no large scars are left on the patient's body and the recovery process will be completed quickly. In the robotic surgery method, which can be preferred in addition to these methods in BNC health, it is aimed to reduce the incision size and accelerate the recovery process of the patient. Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is suitable for people between the ages of 18-65 with a body mass index above or close to 35 bmi. People who try exercise and diet in Turkey, but do not get the desired result or do not want to exercise and diet, may prefer to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery. At the same time, it is sufficient for people with special disorders such as diabetes and sleep apnea to have a BMI of 30-35 in order to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey.


According to official data, Turkey has been drawing a rising graph in health tourism in the last 10 years. The number of patients who have and want to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey has been increasing in recent years. The fact that Turkey is a country that has proven itself in health care, plastic surgery, eye, dental, orthopedics, obesity treatments etc. The fact that it has advanced technology, experienced doctors, hospitals and equipment in accordance with international standards has also increased its preference. In addition, Turkey has made many attempts in the field of obesity treatments such as sleeve gastrectomy surgery in recent years, and sleeve gastrectomy surgery has become the choice of thousands of people in a short time.

As a natural consequence of this, people who want to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery try to find better service and more affordable prices.


Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for health tourism by people around the world, as well as being among the first choices for people who want to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery recently.Two of the main reasons why patients prefer Turkey for their treatment are; affordable prices and the highest quality of health services. In the chart, you can analyse the average sleeve gastrectomy surgery prices by country.

Of course Turkey does not stand out for sleeve gastrectomy surgery only because it is affordable. It is an attractive option for patients who want to have this surgery by offering technologies as good as the most expensive countries we see in the chart, working with teams as experienced as them, and maybe guaranteeing a more comfortable treatment process than them.The reason why gastric sleeve surgery is cheap in Turkey is not the lack of quality or equipment. İt is because of the exchange rate and various changes in the country's economy.

In short, the advantages of having a sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey;

  • High quality health service is provided, affordable prices compared to european countries and the USA
  • Have experienced and succesfull doctors
  • Having advanced technology, experienced doctors, hospitals and equipment in accordance with international standards
  • Turkey's success in health tourism
  • no waiting list for gastric sleeve surgery
  • No visa problem for most countries and can only travel with a passport
  • Using surgical methods used in Europe and the USA
  • Too many beds in the intensive care unit

Citizens of Which Countries Do Not Need a Visa to Visit Turkey?

Citizens of about 70 countries do not need a visa to visit Turkey and receive health care. In order to travel to Turkey, it is sufficient to have only a passport. However, the allowed lengths of stay for countries differ. 

Some of the countries that do not require a visa to travel to Turkey and receive health services;

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