About BNC

Discover more about our mission, vision and how we are changing the way people approach healthcare. BNC provides more accessible, more reliable and more personal healthcare for everyone.

Why Us?

We optimize personalized one-on-one care and only work with highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals. We examine the past experiences of patients to achieve the perfect patient experience, and we approach health with an innovative perspective to eliminate outdated and tiring processes. We care about all our patients and always provide the highest quality of service.

Innovation in healthcare: BNC

Our Mission

We aim to make quality, modern and high standard health care accessible to everyone. We offer a personalized and organized service for the perfect patient experience with an individual oriented approach. In order to create a personalized experience for each of our patients, we make plans according to their specific and individual needs. We are reinventing our own summit every day with our passionate and highly motivated team who will join our vision of raising health standards. We celebrate diversity and value the richness that diversity of cultures, races, genders and talents add to our lives.

Our Vision

We believe in providing a high standard patient experience and a more technological, higher quality healthcare service. As BNC, we are building the health of the future in various branches including bariatric surgery, aesthetics, urology and orthopedics. We have developed and continue to develop digital systems that enable us to provide high standard services to as many patients as possible by examining all aspects of private healthcare services separately. We believe that the first condition for a high standard of health care is a solid communication. We provide uninterrupted and strong communication between our Patient Care Consultants and our patients throughout the entire process to ensure the high standards you need.

Our Team

With our team of highly experienced surgeons, private patient care consultants, professional nurses and health personnel, we offer advanced diagnostic treatment methods, state of the art medical devices and high standard health care services with close attention. We take care to be simple and understandable with our security, fast response and effective communication policy. With our hospital in the heart of Izmir, we continue our work with excitement, with a workplace culture that works tirelessly to provide the best for patients and is powered by diversity.

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