Bed Capacity 120
Doctors 30



As Gözde Hospitals, it continues its health journey, which it started in 1998, with the aim of providing reliable and international standards health services with pioneering practices by keeping its commitment to its principles. Health is a state of individual and social well-being with its physical, mental and mental health dimensions. Gözde Health Group, which set out with the understanding of "Every person has the right to receive quality, friendly, respectful, transparent and equal health care", continues to serve with 6 hospitals and 1 surgical medicine center. Gözde Health Group is the address of qualified service in health with its specialist doctors, health personnel who combine knowledge and close attention, patient-oriented service approach and advanced medical technology.




Our hospital, located in Kuşadası, in the province of Aydın, where different cultures meet at the most beautiful point of the Aegean, is located at a very comfortable point to reach with its central location. The tourism history of the region, which is one of the first tourism centers of Turkey, dates back to the 1960s. Kuşadası is among the regions of Turkey that has a low population and receives a lot of tourists during the summer months. In addition to the sea and different beaches of Kuşadası, our guests can visit the Virgin Mary's house and find the opportunity to examine a religious and mystical structure. In the building, which dates back to the 17th century and whose texture is preserved in its original form, information about the Virgin Mary and Icons allow you to have a pleasant experience in your health journey. Ephesus-Selçuk is an ancient city that is among the most important historical treasures of the world, which should not be missed by individuals who go to Kuşadası. Although Kuşadası is a district of Aydın, its distance from Ephesus is around 20 minutes. We recommend that you add the famous ancient city of Izmir to your route during your health trip.

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