Zirconium Crowns Procedure 

Veneers application can generally be applied as two different porcelain veneers with or without metal backing. In aesthetic dentistry, zirconium material is used to achieve an aesthetic and harmonious appearance with the gums. Zirconium crowns are the first choice of patients with high expectations of aesthetic appearance and smile design, with a high satisfaction rate. Zirconium crowns can be used in many different areas, e.g. B. in prosthetics on implants or in the restoration of teeth.


Procedure time 3-4 Hrs
Overnight stay -
Anaesthetic Local
Recovery time 2-3 Weeks


Here are some common FAQs that people ask. We hope that they help to answer some of the questions that you may have.

  • Areas of Application for Zirconium Crowns

    Zirconium crowns can be used to restore damaged old fillings and tooth surfaces, molar veneers and bridge constructions. Zirconium crowns are also used for patients who cannot achieve the desired appearance with teeth whitening and want a Hollywood smile makeover. Zirconium crowns can also be used for minor deformities and implant-supported prosthesis applications that do not require orthodontic treatment.


  • Benefits of Zirconium Crowns

    The zirconium crowns offer a long-term benefit of use and a natural appearance. With the advantage of intelligent ceramic material used in zirconium crowns, a natural appearance is achieved that cannot be separated from one's own teeth. The aesthetic results of zirconium crowns, which have minimal sensitivity to heat and cold, are also very successful caused by zirconium crowns no problems like taste changes, bad breath or gum problems.

  • Care of Zirconium Crowns
    • Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily 
    • Floss Your Teeth Daily
    • Limit Sweets
    • Don’t Chew Ice or Use Your Teeth as Tools
    • See Our Dentist Every 6 Months

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