Gastric band is one of the most preferred bariatric surgery operations. A band is placed around the stomach to create a feeling of fullness after eating a smaller amount of food. As a result of tape application, calorie intake decreases and weight loss develops gradually.


Procedure time 2 Hours
Overnight stay 1 Night
Anaesthetic General
Recovery time 12 Months
  • Overview of Gastric Band Surgery

    Patients who undergo gastric band surgery experience weight loss of up to 50%. Adjustable silicone bands are used in gastric band operation, which also gives successful results in obesity-related symptoms. With this plastic band placed on the upper part of the stomach, a feeling of fullness is provided with less food intake. With this method, which allows less calories to be consumed, a long and gradual weight loss is achieved.

  • How is Gastric Band Surgery Performed?

    Placing the gastric band on the upper part of the stomach is performed surgically under general anesthesia. Gastric band operation can be performed with different methods. In gastric band surgery, a band is placed around the stomach with the keyhole technique and the operation takes an average of 2 hours. In the operation, which is generally performed with the closed method, instruments that are passed through small holes in the skin are used. A small pouch is created by placing a silicone band on the upper part of the stomach. The size of this band can be adjusted without the need for reoperation.

  • Am I The Suitable Candidate For A Gastric Band?

    In order to perform the gastric band procedure, which is among the effective weight loss methods, patients must have certain conditions. This criterion can be sorted as follows:

    • If the patient's BMI is over 35

    • If the patient cannot achieve weight loss with lifestyle changes and diet programs

    • If the general health of the patient is suitable for the surgical procedure

    • Criteria such as the patient's willingness to make lifestyle changes after surgery may make the person a suitable candidate for gastric banding.

  • What Is The Process After Gastric Band Surgery?

    It is normal to feel dizzy for a while after the gastric band surgery until the effect of general anesthesia wears off. After the operation, you can usually be discharged after staying in the hospital for one night. Accompanying you by a family member or friend for the first 24 hours will make the process easier. Mild pain may be felt at the incision sites after the operation. Gastric band operation is a method that provides gradual and controlled weight loss, and its first effects are felt within 8 weeks on average. It is recommended that you allow your stomach to heal after the surgery and maintain a healthy eating plan with small portions of mashed foods for the first few weeks after the operation. After the first few weeks, solid foods can be consumed. After the operation, patients can return to their routine activities within 4-6 weeks on average.

  • What are the Risks and Complications of Gastric Band Surgery?

    As with any medical treatment and procedure, gastric band surgery has some risks. Gastric band surgery carries general surgical risks such as infection and risks specific to weight loss surgery. In addition to the standard surgical risks, there may be conditions such as slippage of the gastric band, and this may cause symptoms such as vomiting and nausea. Weight loss surgeries may cause the stomach or intestines to become very narrow in some cases. There is a risk of malnutrition in gastric band surgery, and you will be advised to take nutritional supplements for the rest of your life to minimize this risk.


Here are some common FAQs that people ask. We hope that they help to answer some of the questions that you may have.

  • In Which Situations Is The Gastric Band Ineffective?

    Gastric band is a very effective method for weight loss and provides support in reaching the goals of the person. Gastric band operation is an effective method, but if the diet program cannot be complied with after the procedure, it will not provide the targeted effect. In the method that makes you feel full with less food intake, it does not provide a high rate of weight loss if high-calorie foods are consumed. Although the gastric band will help you lose weight, it will provide the most effective results when paired with a healthy diet, regular exercise and good lifestyle choices.

  • Is Gastric Band Surgery Permanent?

    The gastric band operation is designed to be effective for a long time, but it is reversible. To remove the gastric band, a re-operation is required and the stomach returns to its original shape afterward.

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